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Let's learn about how the Rent-to-Own Program works

Our Rent-to-Own program allows our customers to rent barns, sheds, cabins, garages etc. with NO CREDIT CHECK if purchasing  is not an option.  This simple means of getting the building to meet your needs does not require a credit application, and you are not required to keep the building.

If you choose not to complete the full rent-to-own payment period, you can contact the company to have the building picked back up, or simply stop making rent payments.  Ending your rental agreement does not affect your credit rating!

HOWEVER - After all contract obligations are met, the building is yours to keep.  You are welcome to pay off your building early, and we will not charge you any extra fees for doing so.


Simply make a small, REFUNDABLE security deposit, and your building is on its way!


The Rent-to-Own option is actually an alternative to having to go to a bank to apply for a loan for your building.  The difference is that financing is a loan that comes with credit implications, while a rent-to-own is simply a lease agreement.  A loan always begins with a credit application which will be reviewed for approval or denial by the lender.  If hard times come and you are unable to fulfil the obligations of your loan and your item(s) must be surrendered (in this case, your barn or shed, etc.), your credit score will most likely be negatively affected.

A rent-to-own contract does not come with an application, and if you choose to end the contract early for whatever reason, the building can be returned without messing up your credit score! 


Again, If you complete all of your monthly payments, the building becomes yours to keep, and there are no further strings attached.

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